Classes and Private Lessons

There are no classes in session at this time; however, I plan to begin a new six week class starting in January 2011.

Meanwhile, I do offer private lessons at my home studio. I can facilitate individuals as well as small groups consisting of two to four students.

Please contact me in the comments section if you’re interested.


  1. Hi Gordon, Please send me info on the upcoming January class for drumming group. Also info about where I can purchase a conga.

    1. Hi Rebecca,
      Thanks for your interest. I do teach private lessons in djembe, plus I offer group classes, which will be resuming in January.
      The lessons can take place either weekly, or bi-weekly at my loft studio in the Oakland/Shadyside part of town.
      I’ll also be teaching a six-week course in jembe for beginners at Greenfield Presbyterian Church starting on January 6, 2011.
      Private lessons are $45 per hour or $160 per month. The six-week class cost $75 for entire session.
      You can choose either.
      I’ll be happy to give you a call. What’s a good time to reach you?

      Best wishes,
      Gordon Nunn

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