Another day of drumming

I've working on the speed of my single strokes lately by doing the "Singles Pyramid" which I learned from #HueyYanPan via his Periscope broadcasts. I began playing at 86 b.p.m.s a week or so ago, now I'm up to 92 b.p.m.
My goal is 100! Thanks Huei!
Check out his Twitter posts @hueiyanpan.

What type of things would you like to see on drumming website?

I’m thinking what would drummers, or people who are interested in drumming like to see on my website.

I could put up performance videos like this one:Lecture Recital performance  which is from a lecture recital on Dunumba I presented this past fall. Or, would they rather see educational demonstrations such as this video:Basic Strokes: 8s, 4s, doubles, singles and paradiddles. Or, I could put up my trasnscription of a djembe solo by Gbanworo Keïta from “Dounoumbe” on Percussions de Guinée vol.1.

I’m interested in your comments.

Thank you for reading.


Gbaworo's Solo p1Gbaworo's Solo p2

Djembe Notation Key

Directions to My Teaching Studio

Directions to 448 Studios
The address is for my teaching studio is 448 Butler Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15223. However, building that houses it is located .02 miles off of Butler, it’s in the back section of a large industrial park. You should enter the industrial park from Butler St. across from the address 436 Butler Street.

The building has a key code access, so give me a call when you arrive.