Can you believe my first post of 2019 is happening on February 26

It’s been a busy year so far. Classes at Point Park University, where I accompany dance, began on January 7. I entered into a program called “Training in Uncertainty.” And as usual, I’ve been playing gigs, teaching drum lessons (I added one new student so far this year) and playing for creative movement classes for kindergartners and first and second graders. I have also maintained some good habits this year, which include attending three to five CrossFit classes every week, daily drum practice and meditating as much as possible. Keep on truckin’.


I’m writing this post in response to a one-word prompt generated on the WordPress homepage. The word is “Bubble.”

Sometimes I feel that I live just on the edge of a bubble, maybe with part of me outside the bubble and part of me inside of it. What I mean by this is that sometimes I feel like I’m in touch with things that are going on in the world, in the news, in pop culture and in current thinking in general. But on the other hand, there are times when I feel completely out of the loop and in my own world.

To be in the know, or now, takes an incredible amount of time and energy. You have to scan the headlines each day, watch your favorite news service and hopefully discuss theses things as you interact with your partners, friends, colleagues and other random people you encounter on a daily basis. It’s actually very healthy to do because it make you engage – to inquire and respond – with others with the hopes that can offer different perspectives or help you reinforce how you feel about different topics.

It’s also good to self-reflect and look inside and explore your own feelings. By looking at your own experiences and beliefs you cab formulate stronger ideas and better respond to things.

Finally, regarding the word “bubble,” I have a good friend who is a professional bubbler. He used to do comedy juggling, but now most of his work is provided various types and quantities of bubbles for different kinds of activities.