Hello drummers,
With Labor Day less than a week away it looks like summer’s coming to an end. I thought it’d be a good time to update those that follow my blog regarding upcoming offerings from Denbaya Drumming.
The space in the East end didn’t workout, so I’ve reserved a semi-spacious rehearsal space on the Southside off the main drag at the Storexpress on Mary St. between 21st and 22nd streets.
I plan to offer a set of Monday evening drumming classes, which will start in a few weeks. Whether or not the class will makes will be based on enrollment.
I will also be teaching private lessons in the following areas: drum set, conga drumming, beginning tabla and concert percussion.
I’m looking for a talented graphic artist to help create some flyers that some how define what I do. If anyone has any suggestions, please send a comment.
Finally, I recently co-composed and recorded “Concentric,” a piece that features marimba and percussion. It was used in a dance performance by H2O entitled The Phoenix. I’d like to put it on the blog for folks to hear. So keep your eyes and ears open for some new things in the coming weeks from Denbaya Drumming.

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