Third Sunday African Drumming Class Near Seven Springs, Pa

Happy New Year Everyone,

This weekend I’ll begin teaching a once a month drumming class near the Seven Springs Ski Resort. If you’re interested in attending I’ve included the details below.

Third Sunday of the month West African drumming class at Body in Balance Healing Center located at 9801 Country Commons, Champion, PA 15622 (phone-412-999-3553)

Everyone is invited to join the class regardless of previous experience.

In this class we’ll learn the basics techniques of hand drumming – creating different sounds on a single drum. We’ll learn to play traditional drumming rhythms from Mali and Guinea, West Africa in setting comprised of djembes (hand drums) and dunduns (drums played with a stick). We’ll also learn songs that go with the different drumming rhythms.

Group drumming is great way to relieve stress and a means for people to come together and share in the creation of rhythms that have deep links with the cultures of the West Africa.

Schedule: 2:00–3:30 p.m.
January 20, February 3 and March 17

The cost will be $20 per class.
I’ll bring along two or three loaner djembes; the dunduns will be provided.

Students can bring a small recording device and a pad and paper if they want to document the information provided in the class

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