Posting From a First Generation Ipad

I should probably be using the app that designed for using an IPad, but this should be easier. You know how sometimes when you attempt to write an email or post something using your IPad, the cursor doesn’t always follow you commands. Well that happened to me just now. It took a few attempts before the cursor for the keyboard began to work correctly. It’s ok now, but I have to mention that something happens to me on daily basis when I using my first generation IPad. It’s usually my Safari crashing when I try to load a web page that contains a lot of videos and other bells and whistles. As the page loads the web browser quits. Or if the page does load, I’ll start to scroll down and then it usually quits.
My partner has an IPad 2 with the newer IOS 6 operating system, which is compatible on the older devices and this crashing issue doesn’t happen.
So, is it time for a new IPad?

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