New Year’s Performance with Americas Latin Orchestra

I’ll be performing with the Americas Latin Orchestra (ALO) at Pittsburgh CAPA Creative and Performing Arts High School, as part of the First Night Celebration. I’m the conguero with this Latin jazz big band, which performs the music in the style of Ray Barretto and Poncho Sanchez. The group will perform three 45 minute sets between 7 and 11 p.m.

Last year’s performances drew over a thousand people.

For Those Who Keep Up

It’s turning out to be a very busy summer. I’ve been playing a lot and I’ll be moving soon, so there hasn’t been time to organize a drumming class. I plan to move into a studio space near the East End Co-op in July, so as soon as I can get set up there, I start offering classes again.

Thanks for your patience.

I promise to post things about when and where I’ll be performing in the future.